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Album titleRating
1. Mutter643944
2. Liebe ist für alle da639046
3. Sehnsucht382009
4. Rosenrot327183
5. Reise, Reise325308
6. Herzeleid262099
7. Rammstein5613

Rammstein News

Liebe ist für alle da!

  Liebe ist für alle daThe waiting has an end. On October 16th 2009, RAMMSTEIN release their sixth studio album in 15 years! The cabalists and numerologists amongst the fans know what to expect: 11 new tracks exactly. As always. No more, no less. So much for whats certain. The album carries the title Liebe ist für alle da which doesnt mean that its ever simply as rosy as the headline might make us believe. Dreams get hawked elsewhere. Here reality rules!